Next Summer

Next summer I would very much like to spend some time in Finland. I would like to travel around in a camper van (nothing too fancy, just the basics is fine) and pull up and pitch my tent in the middle of nearly nowhere. I would spend my days there looking for moose, befriending the moose, fishing, making supper Bear Gryles style, swimming in the lakes and maybe knitting myself a blanket to keep me warm around the campfire. 

If anyone would like to join me on my adventure, you have a year to book it off work.



Imperfect: damaged, containing problems or lacking something

Perfection is untainted making it protected and disadvantaged in the real world. Perfection may not contain problems but it creates them. 
Perfection sets an expectation of constant excellency, without flaws or hiccups. Imperfection is beautiful as it is honest and real. 


Possible Career Path

Having started thinking about what to do after next winter, I found myself reading this article in the Guardian. 
You can never have too many options can you? 
Unfortunately you have be over 26 years old, but it is definitely something to think about in the future. 
The view from your bedroom/office window would be pretty spectacular. 


Dear & Yonder

Dear & Yonder is a surf film made by Tiffany Campbell & Andria Lessler. 
There is one things that binds everyone involved in the production of the film: the ocean. 
Each frame of the film could stand as a beautiful image on its own. 
A waterproof camera has just made its way into my life and this film and the stills from it has inspired me to throw myself and my new olympus into the Atlantic on sunday. 


A Letter From Devon

I kindly received a letter from a friend back in Devon who told me how Vivienne Westwood spoke on the Jonathan Ross show about climate change and the peril that the human race is in...but she ended on this really positive not that we can save the world and it could all be such fun. I haven't seen my friend for a long time but here are some of the places she has been recently. I would like to go and see them for myself. And save the world...whilst having fun. Just like Vivienne Westwood.


Happy New 'Home' Day

"Cornwall is like being at the window and looking out of England" D H Lawrence

Not living anywhere in particular means not having a space to organise the things that I find, read, see, think, scribble and hear. This shall be that place. If you don't mind?