Inspiration and excitement

COLE BARASH : one of the most publicized and talented snowboarding photographers of the moment, and only at the age of twenty-one. Not only are his photographs spectacularly wonderful images that make me want to start snapping away, they also get me fired up for the coming winter's snow time.

 this legendary rider who hails from Switzerland spends her days shredding powder and massive kickers with the guys: a gracefully aggressive snowboarder. Below she is photographed off the mountain by a wonderful photographer, Daniela Muller-Brunke.

SCOTT TRINDLE : another immensely talented photographer whose images provoke a moody, reflective series of emotions. The subjects all look lost in their thoughts and completely absorbed in their surrounding landscapes. Stunning.


The Simple Life

Hello again...it has been a little while, but I have been spending much time reading the next chapter. So far, it has been an extremely interesting one in which the prime character has been revisited locations and friends from times past which has provoked a mixed series of emotions to say the least. But the new Cornish settlement has proven to provide much comfort and security in a period of time which has not be particularly smooth and stable. Life in the most western part of the South of England is a calm and nourishing one with inhabitants taking great pleasure in the smallest of things which rub off anyone spending more than a few hours in this wonderfully charming kingdom. Looking at old sepia photographs of the miniature fishing ports shows that very little has changed over the last century, other than that the scenes can now be recorded and recalled in CMYK.


Time for new times

Yesterday was the full stop at the end of a chapter and today was the blank space before the next one...not really part of either but still necessary to distinguish between the two.

Tomorrow is the new chapter. It will take place in a different setting than the last, but the characters will still be recovering from the events that previously occurred.

When you are reading a book, you do not go back and re-read random pages, you carry on reading to see where the plot takes you. However, once the book has been finished and time passes it is then that you can pick it up again and dip into it, remember fondly why you enjoyed it the first time round. But only after some time. Not straight away. Time to keep reading.



I have recently been made to realise that it is frequently too easy to have great expectations of those close to us and forget that others outside of our everyday existence are often more than capable of surprising us with giant leaps of kindness. Over the past week I have witnessed many acts of pure selfless-ness, whether it is a person helping a complete stranger across the beach with heavy bags; or a very small french couple welcoming a couple of young women into there camervan in the middle of the night and driving them to safety; or just an extremely fortunate gentleman allowing his wealth to bring relief and comfort to those less fortunate. These are to name just a few (it has been an incredible week) but each has warmed me and let me believe that there are genuinely goldhearted people out there and even the smallest gesture from one person can make another feel like the luckiest person in the world at that very moment. 

It may well be because I live on the pessimistic side of realism that I believe that having sky high expectations can often lead to the path of disappointment. However, sometimes stumbling across an unknown road by chance can take you to a more wonderful place of honesty.

Not always...but sometimes.