Wonderful things

Today has been a good day. I awoke to some welcome sun rays peeking through the slats of my blinds. My morning was one full of positivity and promising up coming opportunities. Then came two serious looking cyclists nearing the top of Park Street. One was of significant great age and looked like he was flagging at the last stretch. So, his younger more spritely companion gently positioned his hand on his back and cycled that bit stronger in order to aid his friend all the way to the very top without having to let aged bones and weathered muscles stop him. Next came a self-indulgent hour of yoga, followed by a welcomed mug of tea with a dearly missed friend. Now it is soothing sounds from Bon Iver, a perfectly ripe, ruby coloured plum, feelings of flittery excitement and the prospect of a chilled pint surrounded by the evenings warmth and good friends.


Big Chill excitement

Following a surprise phone call with a long-lost friend, Sarah Parker, the opportunity of assisting with the creation of something quite wonderful was presented to me. Sarah is going to be bringing to life the space within the maze of the Ziggurat of Flavour at this years Big Chill festival. The giant black and white pyramid which has been imagined and realised by Bompas and Parr the Jellymongers, is going to be brimming with confusing optical illusions, weird and wacky patterns and depth-defying compositions. Being asked to help with this brilliant project is extremely exciting as I sure the days of installation will be filled with much hard graft, tears, tantrums, giggles, smiles and achievements. Look out for the giant jelly at the top of the hill!


St Pauls Carnival

Just over two weeks ago (when it was still nearing tropical temperatures and the sky was crystal clear blue) St Pauls carnival took over the streets of our neighbourhood. The original Notting Hill carnival, celebrates the Afrikan Caribbean culture present within Bristol and has grown to become an annual street festival since 1967 when the first party took place. The weekend was a wonderful one full of colour, drum beats, bass beats, red stripe, bbq chicken and rice, dancing, sun kissed faces and laughs. I found this beautiful old film in my Mum's garage when I was last home and came to the conclusion that probably had similar age as myself. Not expecting much from it, I popped it in my camera and took it out with me whilst dancing on the streets. Admittedly, the results were most definitely under-exposed, grainy and blemished, but with a little time and love from Adobe Bridge they have gained a little light and colour.


Testing out the rat race

Being involved in the early morning commuter scramble at first made me feel like I was part of some cool kids gang. One that I always observed at school, aware of their presence but never to be part of it. This one never promised to be a fun, healthy one, but a sense of solidarity and belonging looked likely to begin with.

I started my commute at 8am and by 8.31am I had boarded my train to London Paddington. It was at this point a reclined back into my lonesome traveller state as the members of this gang were not ones to be envied. Straight faced, silent suits; hamsters at home on the wheel; ladies shuffling at high speed in their power-dressing, feet crippling stilettos. How are you supposed to run or cycle or jump in this ridiculously restricting items of clothing? Each day should bring an unknown adventure (not always life changing, but something to take note of none the less) to ensure that one precious day is never photocopied and repeatedly distributed. I will not give into this gang warfare. I will have an adventure today.



Without a doubt one of my favourite things to munch on. Anytime of day. Broccoli (from the Italian plural broccolo) is first thought to have evolved some 2,000 years ago from a cabbage in Europe. Those poor Americans across the big bath tub weren't privileged enough to experience its wonder until the 1920's. It is full of vitamins, strong in anti-cancer activity, helps fight damaged skin helps protect your heart. Who wants to join the my Broccoli Appreciation Society?


Cheryl Genius

Cheryl Dunn is a New York based photographer and film maker who has shot recent advertising campaigns for WESC. The images shown above are from the 'Coney Island' collection. As much as I love her photographs, I am also in love with Genius on i-tunes at the moment. I think this is a reflection of the minor anxiety I am suffering at the moment and inability to make decisions or stick to plans. Genius allows you to choose one short length of sound that you enjoy, and from that one sample of your likes, it creates a whole field of equally as enjoyable sounds. Maybe it is just because I am being a bit lazy and can't even be bothered to scroll own to find what I am looking for. Maybe this is a sign to be more proactive.