Places times past future present next?

Recently I had an unidentifiable film developed and it turned out to me a rollarcoaster of forgotten times and places. On there were various images of different bedrooms I have rested my head and environments I have inhabited over the last 18 months: Brighton, Surrey, France, Portugal, Cornwall and Austria. Not only did it make me feel incredibly lucky as to have not only visited these places, but to have had the chance to make a home in all of them...it made me start think about my next move. Although the snow is still falling and frolicking in the Austrian Alps, the days are getting longer which means that Spring has almost arrived, meaning Summer is not that far away. When presented with so many options, often decision making is made even harder than with fewer. Do you go for the sensible, yet sheltered option? Or the short lived-lifestyle that is familiar, fun yet on a countdown? Or do you pick caution up and throw it to the wind and wolves and go with the most ridiculous, irrational option? All suggestions much appreciated. Please send via dove to the lost girl of the Arlberg.