Happy 100th Birthday...

...Bristol Brownies! Cycling home from work this evening I suddenly found myself amongst a mass of mustard and then realised that Bristol Brownies were celebrating their 100th Birthday in the Wills Memorial Building. Once I had realised who I was surrounded by (thanks to the beautiful, giant, hand-crafted sugar paper and glitter birthday card displayed for all passers-by to see) I then acknowledged the somewhat highly evolved uniform these energetic and excitable youths were wearing. Long gone are the cotton culottes, branded belts, stuffy shirts and pressed sashes. In their place are vivid synthetic fleeces, bubble writing logo t-shirts and boot cut trousers. With the fast ageing kids of today looking like mini twenty-somethings (get me my slippers and arm chair) I had pretty much forgotten the existence of the Guiding world. Growing up on a campsite that was born out of the Scouts, this organisation was very much prominent in my childhood and I guess I associate it with that period in time when kids were kids who climbed trees, made dens and wore clashing clothes. It was refreshing to see this organisation still going and parents making time in their children's busy schedules to partake in wholesome activities which teach morality, kindness and hardwork.

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